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GANSIZER : Product Specifications


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Note 1) Bore placement will vary by bedrock strength and cracking method. Please contact us by email when considering cracking design.
Note 2) Model 38-30 and Model 38-75 GANSIZER cartridges are not exclusively for tunnel usage. They can also be used for outdoor work, deep foundation work, and many other types of work by using suspended rock drills and attached drills (drills attached to hydraulic power shovels).


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Note 3) When using the IC multistage igniter with Model 55 or Model 65 cartridges a separate adapter (Model 55 adapter or Model 65 adapter) is required.
Note 4) Instant igniters can be ignited with standard blasting tools, but the IC multistage igniter must be ignited with the dedicated igniting tool. For details, see the “IC Multistage Igniter” promotional site.

State Granular (contained in a cartridge)
Specific gravity 1.07~1.25g/cm3
Ignition point 520°C or higher *1
Reaction speed (under testing conditions) 300m/s or less
Time to maximum combustion pressure 30~50ms
Sealed combustion pressure 3,000kgf/cm2
Volume of gas produced 330 liters/kgNote) Contains some toxic gases, so ventilation must be provided when using underground
Heat produced by reaction 1,170kJ/kg *2
Ignition method Ignited remotely by blasting tool, multistage ignition tool, or MBS ignition tool
Packing Completely seal with wet sand, etc.*3

*1 No ignition within 1 minute when using Krupp ignition tester (temperature drop method)
*2 Theoretical values based on standard mixture
*3 When the GANSIZER cannot be inserted sufficiently deeply, consider sealing with quick-setting mortar cement, etc.
*4 GANSIZER is classified as a Type 2 Hazardous Material Category 2 Flammable Solid under the Fire Service Act.。

GANSIZAR is a registered trademark of Nippon Koki Co., Ltd.
As used herein , ® denotes registered trademark status in the JAPAN only.

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